Knutson & Shaw Growers

Knutson & Shaw Growers Ltd. is a consultant, plant supplier and distribution company that specializes in propagating and installing native and wetland plants. Knutson & Shaw teams have worked on small private ponds to large municipal project sites throughout Western Canada, using their expertise to establish emergent and aquatic plant colonies. They will also install shrubs and trees to complete the natural riparian site. The company leaves a strong environmental stamp with their wetland projects.

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The wetlands act as natural filters for unwanted and harmful substances in run-off water.Their complex root systems support great quantities of positive microbes as well as increasing shoreline stability. These plants have evolved to withstand the fluctuating water levels of flooding. A healthy wetland provides food, nutrients and shelter for an abundance of wildlife. Please continue to tour our website to see what we have to offer.

More About Us

Ray Shaw is the owner-operator of Knutson & Shaw Growers, a 10 000 square foot greenhouse west of the town of Vulcan, Alberta. For the past 15 years the operation has specialized in producing and installing wetland plants for municipalities’ storm-water ponds.

Knutson & Shaw Growers has a long history of environmental commitment. The wetland plants emerged from an extensive period of working with native plants. More recently, in an effort to deal with energy costs, Ray erected a 13 metre wind turbine in proximity to his greenhouses. This effort was soon enhanced by the addition of 45 solar panels on an innovative car park structure. The grid tied system with turbine and panels generates 100 % of the operation’s electrical demand. Knutson & Shaw Growers are committed to finding green solutions to their industry’s needs. The wind turbine and solar panels were supplied by and maintained by Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc based in Blackie, AB.

Wetlands and the Environment

Wetlands are very useful to the environment as they:

- Act as natural filters and remove unwanted and even harmful substances in runoff water using their complex and vast root systems to support a great deal of bacterial life

- Because of their strong and dense root structure, they provide shorelines stability and prevent erosion

- Wetlands Prevent floods as many of the plants have evolved to withstand fluctuating water levels.

- Wetlands provide food, nutrients and shelter for native animals


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